Tuesday, 29 December 2009

langdon hospital

take one explorer a canon 30d and the explorers favorite lens the 10-22. Add to this a newly discovered very soon to be demolished hospital and you have the recipe for win. So we rocked up to the Langdon hospital in Dawlish in Devon the site is under redevelopment and several of the wards closed in the 80es according to what was left behind in the buildings. the wards are now being demolished the diggers are in place to make way for a modern medium secure unit.The site is a mix of 2 or 1 story buildings the ones we did where single story blocks children's wards and some secure wards complete with kick marks on the doors and the NHS obligatory left behind paperwork. The highlight was finding the dentist chair and equipment still left in situ complete with drills and bdsm attachments. So on with the explore after getting into the site the first block has 2 wards and assorted toilets and baths the NHS pink issue aka the female side of the ward and blue for the male. The wards are quite empty and there are a few odds and ends left behind in cupboards and dotted around the rooms. The second building we come to has a series of what can be described as cells rooms with a bed and a few creature comforts. This was obviously not enough to stop the inmates from kicking the doors as they where taken from the legal system or after being sectioned under the mental health act. Onto the last block after negotiating the dodgy dry rot floors and keeping our ankles intact we made it over to the dentist complete with chair and stand for the equipment. we did have a look in what we can presume is the mortuary block and find a gurney for transporting the bodies and the hydrotherapy department tho we could not get access to the hydrotherapy dept.all in all a good way to say good bye to 2009 i think images to follow soon

Saturday, 5 December 2009

right the current situtaion

Ive been very slow on the update of this page so the situation is the road trip went very well in august and ive restarted in truro college in sept sadly this has the negative effect on me in terms of work output.But i did do a week of work experience with the Plymouth herald that was epic fun. so the exploring has been very thin on the ground recently not much to be had due to rain n lack of cash hence the lack of fresh stuff on the website.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

last week in hell

Well i have one more shift left in the hell that is the 118 call center on the swine flu calls welcome to the national i want a few days off work service this sums up the use of the place then bring on 10 days of urbex

Monday, 6 July 2009


so there are a few more sets added to the website and more to come soon such as the 4 asylums london trip. and the road trip planning is looking like it will deliver loads so better get working to pay teh bills and get dollar

Monday, 29 June 2009

4 hours in the cooler for crimes against urbex

Right for my crimes against the urbex community and not paying a word of attention to the haters and oh noes its locked down and so lets start hating again even tho they had no intentions of goin due to the l33t status they have obtained from previous hate campaigns i was sentenced to 4 hours on the national express cooler the air con offered plenty and delivered nothing but pure sweaty hell.
Right back to London the myth buster road trip so i get to London on sat meet up with patch and ride the tube to Colindale,again according to rumor mill oh noes nothing left all gone well after 3 hours or so and 20 odd shots of pure slide film filth and a quick oh shit run moment we are done there.On to the next one Springfield now this one was a very fun explore as for the access i cant say much but yea apart from all the its locked down due to mc_nebula ms paint map with oh look the current access is still there, and the original access taken was locked down and this was gone before mc_nebula's visit and anyway the original access was very high vis and would not of lasted long.so we get in have a few hours in this very nice site and after patch very close to getting nommed by the very fucked floors we left the way we come. Onto the next site Atkinson Morley hospital in Wimbledon again one that was according to the vine of info gone so again we rock up and find wow whats this its there and nothing had been done due to the credit crunch wow im loving the credit crunch,after a bit of heras ninja and a quick climb we are in at this point we don't know where the security office is so we have a wander about and then patch is taking a shot outside a door in admin and hears them talking and notices that he is outside the security office ah shit run back upstairs and decided to leave. I was not a big fan of the site myself as it was very much stripped prior to the cred crunch and was due for conversion and not much remains but like Pokemon you gotta catch em all and onto the next site.
An old fave of mine West Park asylum in Epsom we had a very fine evening wander,no problems and saw one hell of a lot of the site the highlight was the water tower lush view over to London from there.well we had our fun there and after a mc shite milkshake n tesco sushi we where off again this time to crack one of the hardest sites in London battersea power station. At this point i was so knackered and the thought of drinking yet more relentless was not sounding very nice to me so so me and statler voted with our feet and left, so then starts the long wander along the river to find the YHA for the night after a few externals shots of battersea i do the slog to the YHA and get my head down for a few hours well needed kip. this trip was epic much love n respect to patch mc_nebula and statler for doing the London driving n loosing his fags the random express supermarkets for the food and the NHS care in the community and random cuts for giving us the hospitals again im very gutted i missed the opportunity for battersea this weekend promised much and delivered more shame about the aircon on the coach tho

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

well i have been a bit busy

right bit of an update here more stuff is now on my site it has been updated and there is more to come. Right so last weekend we did a mini day trip to mid wales asylum talgarth, was nice to see the place again but sadly its now fucked after the owner has stripped the roof of its tiles and now the place stinks and is falling apart quite quick now. also while in the area we pulled by cwm coke works in beddau it is a stinking relic of the former coal industry in wales it was made to produce coke for the steel industry awesome looking site but sadly the fear was strong on this one after stories of the security letting the dogs loose n quite frankly i did not wanna get nommed by a pissed alsation we dicided to bail. On the way home we hit barrow gurney hospital near bristol was nice to see the place again but sadly its been demolished in places and very badly stripped of tiles n lead and what ever else that thay can sell, still has that barrow stink tho. thanks to tumbles for the guide Link the pics from the weekend shall be online very soon.
Right so this weekend im heading over to london to meet up with patch Link and a few others and hit a few sites n one of my faves west park to see what has opened up and see if we can do collindale and springfield asylum then when the darkness falls onto battersea and a few high places to do some sick night shots of london the t64 is on standby and waiting for the darkness
more to follow monday when i get back

Saturday, 13 June 2009

good bye cornwall hello devon

well today is the end of the 12 months of abject hell bought on by living in a dive of a student house and the flat mate from hell.so this is all to change now with easy cheap access to london via mega bus and a location that is more conducive to getting the project done now to find a job and get a few more sites done let the main bulk of my work commence this summer

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

urbex as we know it is dead

After having this blog for quite a while iv'e decided to get around to using it and having it linked to my site. So the general overview is urbex is dead as we know it after the last 12 months of listening and reading the huge interforum rants and bitch fests and by my own guilt partaking in one or two ive decided ive had enough of the haters and attitute crews that UE is attracting at the mo. Decided to take a step back and become one with the shadows and go about it for my own gains not to impress or get points on someone else the intial aims of urbex have been lost and its a sad site to see

Right on the good side the first year of uni is up, only 2 more to come thank god. And i have a summer of work and shooting for the major project that documenting the decay around the UK this project will culminate in a book and a exibition of my work well this is the plan. i have a large upgrade on the site so look out for that