Wednesday, 31 March 2010

weekly visual diary

Well i always carry a camera with me when im out and about, by the end of the normal week i end up with a series of images that sometimes sit on the hard drive or end up going nowhere but the bin. So what i have decided to do is just add a few images to this every week or so to kinda act as a visual diary, so what we have here is a small sequence from the last week i still have a few london street shots to go on here and a few other bits and bobs so standby for them

Sunday, 14 March 2010

work experience

so again as a part of my FDA iv'e got to do 30 hours of work experience and do a quick description of what i had done so here we go.

Rewind to last September i found myself sending a few emails to the local paper the herald after a few emails and a call to the office. I found myself at the office at 8am not quite knowing what to expect. The morning started with the normal introduction and the standard health and safety talk and then onto the task at hand.
The day to day work of a local news tog the day starts with a list of jobs and times to be at the locations. This week we had everything from a sex offender to fire arms taken from a drug dealer to silver wedding anniversary's and to be on call to any braking stories that required shooting. So monday we had to do a shoot down at Laira bridge where 2 girls saved a guy who fell in the Plym river while drunk. Then the day after it was drugs bust to shoot images of the weed they found at an address in Plymouth. This was the standard pattern to the week drive to a job do the shoot back to the office upload the images to the computer system with a quick bit of editing ,from there they are printed as acontact sheet and taken to the news desk for the editors to choose the correct image for the paper. Towards the end of the week i had the opportunity to do some of the shooting myself this led to me having a few images in the paper. This was of a certificate presentation and a woman who had made some community art in Saltash. The image of the certificate presentation was used in the paper on page 20. over all it was a good week and i gained a good insight into the working of a press photographer and the use of flash and the work flow management needed to produce the images to the correct standard

leading on from this i did a day's shooting for skills cornwall. This was down in the redruth lesure center.This was organised by this involved the local college s and education groups and businesses. The aim of the shoot was to supply a series of images for use in the promo of the next event. I used the 17-40 and the 70-200 lens and a flash for fill in and a canon 30d. The images where shot as jpg and then edited down to a large and small file.
the images where corporate style shots full length and and close up details to be used to promote the next skills cornwall event

Thursday, 11 March 2010


So right we have some work being shown as a part of my FDA course. the full info is below for the show, so lets get some feet thru the door and get a few people there spread the word and lets fill the place