Tuesday, 13 July 2010

moment of clarity

Before all the hype and nonsense that UE became in the uk and interforum shite raised its ugly head and people cashing in on this game . There i was climbing the fresh build towers of swansea just to see the view and not look for credit or my cock sucked on a forum or flickr. This is ue pure an simple kids fresh kills this is not, but this one image says a lot to me for my work. Yea i got my degree now, but just a simple brain wave to check some old photobucket account can give you the kick you need to think about your skills in another mindset, to stay away from all this bullshit maybe even put the camera down and sit and pause and take in what this can offer to the human soul rather than this hype fest that UE has become.

yes im drunk and in a philosophical mood tonight after seeing some work from a few years ago.