Thursday, 22 April 2010

Penallta Colliery

Recently found myself in wales and well it would be rude not to visit what south wales was famous for and no not Tom Jones the coal. Penalta colliery was first shown to me by another local explorer, at the time the site was under renovation the bath house and winding house where both bricked up and tightly guarded following the restoration and site works finishing this enabled access to the bath house and winding house at last.The bath house is a lovely mix of 1920's art deco movement a stunning mix of brick and curves sadly the full splendor of this building purpose its showers have been wrecked by mindless idiots smashing the glazed brick cubicles in domino fashion. still the art deco building even in this state of decay still holds quite a bit of charm. onto the winding house this dates to 1908 when the site was first built, the internals of the winding house are long gone only trace left is 2 large fans to push air down the shafts.the inside of the winding house is made of glazed tile and brick arches sadly my images of this half of the site where not that good a bit more info is here on the link
the images where shot on a mamiya 645 with fuji 160s film with a 80mm lens

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