Thursday, 12 August 2010

again the scurge of digital photography rears its ugly head

So we moved from an age of grains of silver and hours in a darkroom to an age of pixels and digital file and Photoshop, From the quantifiable tangible nature of the negative to sandisks latest offering of memory containing nothing more than silicon.
Here we have the issue, The image has moved from tangible to an digital world.
So by now some of you are curious as to what does this have to do with the exploration of abandoned buildings and spaces in fact nothing at all to do with it
But what it does effect is my work flow and output rather than the negative and contact sheet and hours spent in the dark room, the images now sit languishing on a hard drive moved about and edited in the digital domain only to be forgotten about.
So what we have here is a series of images of various locations in the UK that for the past few weeks and months have just sat on my hard drive


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